Midnight Musings


I just organized all my movies, documents and pictures. I had been wanting to do this for a while, but that is not a particularly good excuse for why I am not working on either the assigned readings for this week or the oral I should be researching. Note that I am blogging yet again. I am backdating this, but it was originally written at 1:08am on a Sunday morning.
When I went to pick up Robert’s groceries for him I discovered that the Maxi was having its dollar sale. I picked up some essentials and then headed over to visit the grandmother. An offer of free BBQ chicken was too enticing to pass up so I spent the afternoon there. Since then my microwave and fridge have died (I do imagine it is likely just a breaker but neither I nor the man I had look at it can figure out which one it is and I don’t want to throw them all until I warn the other people who live in the house). It is very cold in my apartment and I am thinking of relocating to under the heated blanket on my bed but am afraid of falling asleep as soon as I get cozy. That IS the usual pattern. I think I will give it a shot nonetheless, just in case. Besides, I can’t really feel my feet anymore, so I don’t have much choice. I am wearing both socks and slippers. I think the front door needs to be replaced. The draft is insane and though this is the first night it has gotten really cold, it isn’t as cold as it usually is at this time of year. Luckily, my heating bill is included in my rent, otherwise I would be in one state of panic.
Update: fridge defrosted all over the floor. what a wonderful way to start the morning!


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