Problems with dates


I don’t have problems with the fruit nor being taken out to dinner by men, but rather the date: as in the statement of time.

In the past two weeks, i have not once managed to type out the date without first writing “December” instead of January. I am stuck in 2006. I cannot believe last semester is over. I cannot believe i need to hand in a draft for my honours thesis in almost exactly a month.

I spent Friday night mostly watching the TV shows i missed this past week because i don’t have cable nor access to downloading capability in town. This was despite my having been reduced to tears over the lack of productivity. I have come up with a solution, however, and am putting it into practice. I will be a machine. I am a machine. I still have quite a few things that need to be accomplished before i can head back into town, but i am working on getting there. First thing to be done is complete the assignment i never did last week. then i need to pack a bag. then i need to go pick up my brother some miscellaneous groceries. then i go visit my grandmother for 45 minutes. then i go pick up books i left with Eric by accident. then i head into town. tomorrow i MUST finally go grocery shopping for me. i cannot live on Ramen noodles forever.


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