You’ve got to be kidding me


Today i had to write the University Writing Test. Veronica Vogl, famous for destroying the concentration of my art history class at our final exam and otherwise being the most obnoxious and distracting invigilator on the planet (and yes, i have filed a complaint about her before – surprise surprise, it was ignored like every other piece of correspondence i have ever sent to this shitty institution), was there. I was already in a foul humour (it’s been one of those weeks) from breaking down and crying, for the second time this week, in the Liberal Arts College. This time in front of a professor i have for three classes. did i mention Concordia lost my transcript to U of T earlier this week and i locked my keys inside an office yesterday and had to return to school around 9:30 to get security to open the room so i could go home? This culminated in my writing one of the most scathing documents i have yet to compose. I did not title it then, but it should be “Concordia sucks…let me count the ways.” No resources, no accessibility to resources, no support staff. I felt much better.
There were people in the room from the class i am The University employs me to grade the written work of other students taking humanities courses, but i have to prove i am literate – go figure.

3 thoughts on “You’ve got to be kidding me

  1. This test is an absolute insult to anyone enrolled in humanities – at least.

    I’ve seen adds of “preparation classes” for it.. 300$. Such a fucking rip-off for something that took me 40 minutes to write as I walked out the room almost laughing on the floor.

  2. Ah yes, the UWT. One of the biggest wastes of time that I had to go through in University. Seriously, the CEGEP English Exit Exam was more “challenging”.

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