Falling Asleep


I must be more post-modern than I thought. When I was a child, I guess around 7 or 8 but I can’t put another marker with these events other than how big my bed felt (and I sleep in a twin at home), I would lie in bed at night thinking to myself that I would soon not be able to remember lying there thinking “this.” I can see the ray of light coming in through the sliver of space between my door and the frame from the dimmered kitchen. I can feel the softness of that worn-down grey comforter that Lord knows what happened to. As I think about it, I think I can remember glow in the dark stars and planets I glued to the ceiling when I around 12, which contradicts my previous statement about how old I was, but there is the possibility I did this for years, or maybe I am just remembering what it was like to have those moments of silence and reflection as a child before one falls asleep.
Everytime I ever thought about the likelihood of forgetting this moment, I would think of how many times I had done it before. The irony is, the only time I can actually remember is the time I know said to myself I had been thinking this for a week now. That entire week, and I have a feeling I would have kept going on with this pattern of thought before bed because my parents were of the belief that the best way to fall asleep quickly was to get a routine going, has been condensed into one memory. I can only really remember doing this once. It’s an interesting example of memories compiling together.


2 thoughts on “Falling Asleep

  1. hey. I remember being really afraid of sleep for a long time, as the now crappy/campy/funny vampire movie “buffy” came out, I was terrified the vampires had found a way to enter a home without being invited to. Hah! Its nice to reflect on being young and going to sleep then our minds shut off easier i think…now i read until my eyes shut. Hope to talk to you soon, im home sunday

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