three’s a charm


Today has been a klutzy day. Since I got off the metro on my way home, I have fallen down the stairs into my apartment (anyone who has been here will know that was a deathtrap waiting to be sprung), rammed my laundry basket into the kitchen table sending four bottles of alcohol, a tower of plastic cups and a mountain of napkins onto the floor, and dropped a cup of tea for no apparent reason onto my pants and carpet. This last event seriously made me question my ability to do anything right this evening, so I decided to catch up on my correspondence to various profs. I now have five emails to send out as soon as I make it to an internet connection.
Thanks to the rabbit ears Eric so nicely gave me, I now get the CBC. I decided to waste an hour watching TV (with commercials…gasp) and discovered what may appear to be a gem of a show Thursdays at eight. It appears to be a news documentary series and this week’s topic was diet plans. Very aptly timed I must say after the recent binge eating we have all been doing (or me at least).
I should probably get SOME work done before bed.


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