moon in the afternoon


I don’t see it very often, but yesterday, as my Mom was driving me to the bank so i could get the cash to pay for a bus pass, i noticed the moon in the pale blue sky. It seemed enormous. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of an analogy…comparing it to a twoonie held at arm’s length, a silver dollar, the bottom of a beer stein, i don’t know. it was big. it was an awesome sight. I’m rarely out in the afternoon, so i don’t know how often this happens in the winter. it was around 3:30pm. i desperately wanted a camera (speaking of which, the few pictures i took at the pre-party are up on my facebook account). i would love to have the time to look it up…does anyone know about moon sightings in broad daylight in mid-winter?


2 thoughts on “moon in the afternoon

  1. It seems I’ve seen this quite often.

    Just today I overheard a woman talking about having seen the moon setting while watching the sun rise. She then wisely announced that it’s because in the winter ‘the Earth is much closer to the moon than the Sun.’

    At that very moment I think I actually got dumber.

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