Internet Shortage in the future


I got home on the 31st to discover that my neighbour had finally password-protected his internet access. hence, other than at school and on the week-ends when i return to the northern tundra, i will no longer have the internet. This is a good thing as i was slowly getting addicted to watching TV shows downloaded off bit-torrent (yes, i know that likely has something to do with my getting caught stealing the internet), MSN and blogging. Hopefully, i will be able to make up for the lost time over the break (though i don’t really remember fucking around during THAT much – i think i set my goals to high) and not be the cad i became this past semester.
The moral is, i won’t be as available accessible this semester. I will continue to respond to emails, but likely from school, so they will be shorter. I am also not REALLY working this semester (TAs don’t pay as well as i would like, because it’s a supposed only 6.5 hours a week), so if you would like to see me, you are more than welcome to buy me a coffee or a hot meal! LOL. I am not that broke.
Happy New Year to you all (i know it’s a day late). I had a great time at both my little get-together and the larger event of the evening. I think i will have some people over for snacks and drinks more often (Eric, you have a dirty mind). It worked out nice, didn’t create that much of a mess, and didn’t destroy my alcohol supply after all!
Oh, and a special thanks to Eric for providing the music and driving me home yesterday.
Editing note: I think i was still a little hung over. That, or, well, i don’t have an excuse. This post is horrific. Please don’t factor it into your overall assessment of my blogging capabilities.


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