Rocky Balboa: A Review


I convinced my Dad to take me to the movies last night as a break from these grad apps (which, incidentally, are going nowhere). I had spoken to Tim about our plans to go and he had given me an impression of the movie that did not really jive with my actual experience – though i think that might have something to do with a better understanding of what fighting requires on Tim’s part. Let’s admit, i have a thing for brawn and burl, and for all of Sly’s being old, those arms are massive and i do like to watch them swing 🙂
I wasn’t insulted by the whole “these youngins are cocky” undertone. It was very much there, but as someone steeping herself in history, it would be wrong of me not to enjoy lessons learnt from the past and the experience of others, wouldn’t it? That, and i really don’t like contemporary sports stars – neither SHAQ nor Iverson have the charisma of the Malone/Stockton or Pippin/Jordan combo, nor do they have the personality of a Barkley. Who today would mow his own lawn the way Barry Sanders does? The big-ticket names of my generation are arrogant and i think most people enjoy watching them look like idiots more than heroes … i’m arrogant too, but let’s not go there.
Rocky is still Rocky. The movies were never really about the fight scenes for me, but about how this big, bumbling fool was actually really smart and building worthwhile relationships. There is a very poignant speech made to protest the rejection of his wrestling license which uses the word “somebody” way too much, but hits home none the less. We all love the underdog and Rocky remains the underdog in this movie. Other than that the man is now old, nothing really has changed.
He loses his first and his last fights in the series…i like that. i liked the movie. it was nothing more than it was presented to be – Rocky VI – but nothing less. it was a pleasant Friday night that also sparked some nice conversations of “when did you see your first Rocky movie?” Nostalgia has value. We are our memories.


One thought on “Rocky Balboa: A Review

  1. Maybe you should add in a spoiler alert before you say he loses the fight.. it’s the only real spoiler in there.. I really wasn’t sure if he was actually going to win or not towards the end.

    I found it was the best possible way to end the Rocky legacy. The movie was respectful and all around much better than I expected it to be. Rocky may be 60 but he’s the fittest 60 year old I’ve ever seen. When he took his robe off in the ring and was compared to the “champ” who honestly looked a bit tubby I would have put my money on Rocky.

    And as far as sports stars go it’s hockey that’s building up the legends. Ovechkin has the cockiness that makes him great to watch and Crosby is tearing it up all over the league. Ovechkin dominates everyone single-handedly whereas Crosby has the vision and playmaking ability of a Gretzky. And the best part is that Crosby’s only 19 and Ovechkin’s only 21 so they’re only going to get better! And with all the other rookies that are also playing amazingly it really is a great time to be a hockey fan.

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