i drove up to my basement apartment last night to drop off some of the many kitchen supplies and pick up Lisa’s Christmas present. Someone deadbolted my door! I do not own a key to the deadbolt – in fact, no one does. My landlords are out of town until the 2nd, and i am locked out!
In one foul humour, i went over to Lisa’s. Images of not paying 2 weeks of rent, having Steve remove their front door, etc. rushing through my head. I call my parents, who remind me someone must be taking care of the cat, so a sign on the front door might get some results and that inside lock unbolted. Better yet – this IS Westmount. Everyone knows everyone. I decide to ring the very private neighbours’ bell, only because they know me by sight, and though they don’t have a spare key, they know the name of someone who might. I walk two blocks to meet one of my landlady’s best friends. She gives me the key, as well as a synopsis of her love life, and i am able to get into my home. Disaster averted. it was not the adventure i had planned for the 28th of December, but i can cope.

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