Facebook: What Drives me Crazy


I like the idea of Facebook – i really do. i realize that in this transient portion of our lives it is much too easy to lose contact with people we will regret losing, and that networking will be an important aspect of the rest of our lives. if i ever move across the country, i hope to be able to reach out and touch those people i already know, but otherwise would be unaware now live in that neighbourhood. it is much easier to chat with someone on facebook to build a connection than it is to email the guy or girl you lent your notes to once in class.
that said, i do not understand the people from high school who contact me to add me to their friends’ list. there are many people from high school that i wish i had kept in contact with – many of them are also my friends on facebook. There are lots of people i regret not having made more of an effort with – but i think they knew who they were before this facebook phenomenon as i try to run into them as much as possible and became friendlier as high school was rapidly ending and i knew my last chances were being used up.
If we spoke all of three times in high school, which lasted five whole years and likely included at least a dozen opportunities for us to work together on group projects, be on the same team in gym, etc. – do you think there was really a connection worth cultivating? this isn’t like the men and women i meet in class, but we are both so busy that going for coffee never works out – or if it does, it’s on a twice a year basis because our schedules conflict, yadayada. If you or i wanted to be friends, we would have at least said hi in the halls, don’t you think?
i never know how to respond to said people. it’s not that i am mean. i just try and write on the facebook walls or email or talk to “friends.” it’s difficult to do that when there are “clutterbugs” on my friend list. i won’t delete those i accepted many moons ago (haha), but i am not adding anymore. pls stop asking me over and over again.

3 thoughts on “Facebook: What Drives me Crazy

  1. I can safely say MOST of my facebook friends are real friends. But there are probably a dozen or more that just want to add everyone they ever knew.

    But I have gotten closer with some people I never associated with in high school, due to this. Which I think of as a bonus.

  2. The problem posed by Facebook’s friend list is that the etiquette for social networking sites like these are still evolving. Many people’s Facebook “friends” only really qualify as real-life acquaintances. The only reason why some people accept to be added as “friends” of people they know but rarely (if not never) associate with is because they don’t want to be rude or hurt the other person’s feelings.

    For some, being rejected even online, can hurt the ego.

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