Inventory of the Loot


I was threatening my parents that i would do this when they decided to wrap a roll of toilet paper…this way you can see how i did loot-wise. hehe. i still haven’t opened all my presents (Lisa and Veronica remain outstanding), but i am very pleased. Everyone seemed to make as much effort as i did on them – and for all my snide remarks about the quantity and quality of presents reflecting the amount a person loves you, i know it’s about caring and effort. I made an effort and i think everyone else did too…that’s what makes you feel loved – knowing that people listen when you are blabbering endlessly.

Black, mid-calf boots
Digital camera
Rabbit ears (for the TV)

Knife set
Spice rack
Jogging pants (no elastic on the bottom; size M)

Sweatshirt (Hoodie, NO zipper, M) – but this for myself
Dress Pants (size 9 at Jacob) (got gift certificates!)
The Little Mermaid
Seasons 3 and 4 of the Simpsons
Polar fleece sheet set (double bed)
Copper bracelet
Cetaphil (the lotion and the soap)
One of those anti-draft things you put under the door (like Grammy’s sausage dog)
VERY big couch pillows (small ones fall off)

Stocking Stuffer
Blank DVDs
Wine cork (for when you don’t finish, LOL)
Picture frames
Flag-it post-its
Scented Candles/Incense
Tea biscuits
Herbal tea (no camomile or lemon pls)
Nuts (no peanuts pls)

Not too shabby. i got lots of other good stuff too…like a USB key, Ice Age, Fern Gully, a frying pan, Second Cup Gift Certificates, Irish Coffee mugs, wine glasses, a cutting board, measuring cups and spoons (can you tell i just moved out?).


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