letter of intent?


Is it a letter of intent? is it a statement of purpose? It IS a bitch. If i never have to write one of these again, i will be only too happy. I cannot write about myself in a professional format. i am not a professional person. in fact, i am about as far from professional as you can get. i am brash, blunt, conceited, self-absorbed and couldn’t care less about protocol, presentation and rapport. What’s important is that the work gets done…but this isn’t a representation of work…it’s a representation of myself. grrr.
i have written three drafts now. each draft includes a rewrite of every paragraph at least twice. i am getting very fed up as each is worse than its predecessor. i should give up now. i quite clearly can’t jump through hoops.
ok. rant over. will go get tea, stretch, watch a pixar movie, and then try to edit my writing sample. hopefully the people looking it over will have insightful criticism. they usually do.


2 thoughts on “letter of intent?

  1. Yeah I had to write mine a while back and went through a number of drafts… took forever, but it worked out in the end. As long as you get your points across clearly and concisely, the small details will not pose much of a problem.

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