Parrafin Wax


My pedicure yesterday entailed parrafin wax. That stuff is hot. I tried to explain to the onlookers that this was entirely pointless because as soon as i get back to town i will start walking to school again and my feet will return to their normal scruffy state, but no one wanted to listen. The chairs we got to sit in had roller balls though. Fun-stuff.

Went to Bridgehead’s on Richmond to meet Kat. Their pistachio-cranberry shortbread was a nice accompaniment to fair-trade, organic orange pekoe tea. The place was a little yuppy, but it was nice. So was the conversation. We got to share drunken boyfriend vomiting mishaps. ahahaha.

We have to go to Costco today to buy bread and paper towels as well as some more pecan tarts. We need to prepare the bird, make the stuffing, and the TRIFLE. I love trifle. We had bagels with cream cheese and lox for dinner last night. Considering we are in Ottawa and not Montreal, the bagels were surprisingly good – they were purchased right out of the oven from a bagel place.

2 thoughts on “Parrafin Wax

  1. This is actually going to be my first Christmas with trifle. My mom was spreading custard on what looked like a bowl of fruit and I asked her what it was. She said it was a trifle. I asked her a trifle of what and then my brother and I spent some time coming up with answers. =)

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