presents for me from me


We ended up in Chapters yesterday at 9:30pm – a brilliant move. the store had been packed in the afternoon, but we came back after it had started to freezing rain and i was offered service by FIVE employees. Hehehe. I ended up buying more stuff for me, like an idiot who forgets she is not working more than 6 hours a week next semester. Ah well. So, just in case you were planning on getting me the book on the Hermitage’s Collection of Renaissance Engravings (on sale for $10!) or to replace my lost copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, don’t. It’s taken care of.
I got the last of the Christmas presents i had to get. Now i need to wrap them. But first on the list for the day is showering, getting a pedicure (Xmas present from the Aunt), and going to meet Kat for coffee. It’s nice to know fellow-students in Ottawa. I think my aunt is starting to secretly hope i am running out of energy or that an off-switch will magically appear on my forehead overnight. She said as much last night anywho as i went sliding down the front laneway. Fun times.
I also drove an Audi yesterday. Standard, red, 2L, six-speeds. It moved. Surprise, surprise.

Oh, and i totally forgot to be enthusiastic about this earlier this week. Doesn’t anyone else remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure Stories?” I used to take them out of the library in elementary school all the time. I saw a display in Paragraphe for them – they are back this Christmas. Unfortunately, i have not a soul in the right age-group to go crazy with them. Ah well. My second cousin is only 18 months old. I got her a book this Xmas and last Xmas…i know what to get her next year…more books!

Well, we have to go pick up an order at future shop this morning too. Fun times.


3 thoughts on “presents for me from me

  1. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books! They were my favorite. I, too, saw that the books are back in production. In fact, I believe I saw them displayed in Costco as a box set and then later at a Borders. It turns out that the original author, R. A. Montgomery, founded a publishing company to re-issue the books. They have a really cool website with some nifty little games for the on-line endings that go alog with the books they republished:

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