sleep – what a novel pastime


this morning was the second day of a novel concept. i woke up without a splitting headache, sense of impending doom or desire to ram my fist through the wall. i almost never use an alarm clock, but this is new. getting up at 8 and feeling well rested – twice in a row! i had forgotten what that felt like. this summer i was keeping such weird hours – getting up at 8, going in to work and then falling back asleep for two hours in the car. i don’t think i have felt well-rested since this time last year. it’s a nice change. i still have a lot to do, but at least i am content with my sleeping patterns – and the vivid dreams are back.
There is a large, gray bird living in my bathroom at home. Our little girl cat brought it in and it only has limited flight. My parents are planning to release it on Saturday if it is still alive and have been feeding it since Wednesday morning. She is a lovely cat. Grrr….


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