And the mishaps continue


Yesterday i managed to waste an entire afternoon. I went to Indigo to get some books for my next semester classes that i might actually enjoy reading over the break, but they were either not on the shelves (yes, i checked availability before leaving the apartment) or for considerably more than they had been advertised online.
I then went to the McGill library to discover that, after spending an hour and a half roaming the shelves and still being unable to find DF208, that as my library card expires on Dec. 31st, i can’t take out any books past this Friday. Grrrr…
My Mom, when she came by to pick up the Christmas presents, kindly drove me to the Vanier Library so that this morning i only have to run to the two downtown libraries to return and take out books before they close for the holidays.
The bad news is, i have lost Le Pacte Autobiographique by Phillipe Lejeune. It was sitting under my bed for the longest time. I imagine, as usual, that i moved it saying “when i need this i won’t be able to remember where it is,” but now have promptly forgot my new space for the book – due tomorrow, but i will not be in Montreal tomorrow.
That’s right. I am heading to Ottawa for the next 5 days. I know you will miss me, but it is time for another Great Auntie Adventure. Don’t worry, there is more than enough internet access in Kanata.
I hope your plans for the break are going by with relatively less hitches. i am slowly getting some of the loose ends, like abstracts for speeches and Void uploads off my list, but tonight is the big Letter of Intent Night. I am not going to sleep until it is complete. Tomorrow i am going to bother my Aunt into getting me to a fed-ex counter so i can get my letters of recommendation to Northwestern.

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