i don’t have a sense of humour


this one has been mulling in my brain for a while. i was going to try and turn it into some sort of creative piece, but i can’t get anywhere as i started thinking about a way to deal with it as a topic over two years ago now.
i am thoroughly convinced that i do not really have a sense of humour. i laugh. i love to laugh. i cannot, however, deliver a joke and many, many jokes, though i understand why there a called humourous, do not amuse me in the least.
On that note, i do not like South Park. i also do not find Rabelais particularly funny. nor do i enjoy Shakespeare’s comedies as much as others do.

A Professor of English at the University of Virginia, Dr. Cantor, has written a pretty interesting essay on comedy and political satire based on the “Gnomes” episode of South Park. If only when i watched the show i was as interested as i was reading this article – but then again, i don’t have a sense of humour.

Read it yourself.


4 thoughts on “i don’t have a sense of humour

  1. A professor once asked the class (when we were studying Shakespeare), “Why do we laugh?”. As I was also studying Descartes at the time, I found the question particularly epistemological, and spent the weekend formulating an answer. When I returned to class, I told the professor that I was surprised to have come to the conclusion that I had: pride.
    What surprised me more, was that he told me I was probably right, because Freud had come to the same conclusion. I can explain this to you one day, but for now, suffice it to say that if you feel you’re laughing for the wrong reasons or not laughing at all, you’re approaching the mouth of the Platonic cave, so to speak, and you will soon have to decide whether to staty there or return inside to bring someone else out with you. Pride is not as paralyzing as Milton has made it out to be.

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