It was finally said…


Yup. Someone finally came out and said it. Not that i don’t deserve it and all, by my own standards i likely do, but it hadn’t happened before.
So there is going to be a hiatus of self-reflection. I started this project to force myself to write something, anything, on a pseudo-regular basis. Reading over the past year as it all blew up in my face was helpful. Lord knows what i am doing now though. It just seems so petty to be so affected by something said over The Void, but it was a sore spot anyways.
Why am i doing an honours? What is it i really want from life? Why do i associate so much with the Satyricon’s Sybil – even when things are looking better? Because i know it won’t last. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, there are things that are just impossible. I wish i had figured that out much earlier.


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