i’d love to take that treatment…


I finally looked up what is causing my right, upper eyelid to spasm sometimes:

An eyelid twitch is called a blepharospasm. It happens when your eyelid muscles repeatedly and rhythmically contract. In some instances, the eyelid may repeatedly close (or nearly close) and re-open.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

The most common things that make the muscle in your eyelid twitch are fatigue, stress, and caffeine. Once spasms begin, they may continue off and on for a few days. Then, they disappear. Most people experience this type of eyelid twitch on occasion and find it very annoying. In most cases, you won’t even notice when the twitch has stopped.

More severe contractions, where the eyelid completely closes, are possible. These can be caused by irritation of the surface of the eye (cornea) or the membranes lining the eyelids (conjunctiva).

Sometimes, the reason your eyelid is twitching cannot be identified. This form of eyelid twitching lasts much longer, is often very uncomfortable, and can also cause your eyelids to close completely.

In addition to having repetitive, uncontrollable twitching or spasms of your eyelid (usually the upper lid), you may be very sensitive to light or have blurry vision.


Eyelid twitching usually disappears without treatment. In the meantime, the following steps may help:

* Get more sleep.
* Drink less caffeine.
* Lubricate your eyes with eye drops.

If twitching is severe, small injections of Botulinum toxin can temporarily cure the spasms.

5 thoughts on “i’d love to take that treatment…

  1. Maybe you’re developing a case of nixonitis, defined by Wikericia as “a twitch-like behaviour characteristic of historians with internal hard drives nearing capacity. As the historian’s brain accesses the increasingly large and complex network of data stored in its database, her eyes begin to spastically open and close repeatedly. Combined with her unrivalled level of confidence and rate of accuracy, this infliction may alarm colleagues and frighten young children.”

  2. Searching “upper eyelid spasm” pretty much only shows this blog. Amazing. Use “twitch” instead of “spasm” – and you get a lot more, but I think it’s a more severe condition. Anyway – my right upper eyelid has been doing this for over a week, and if I listen to WebMD, I have lupus. Ha. So – has yours gone away?

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