take a deep breathe before submerging


This Luther paper must be completed before 8:30am tomorrow. i still have three essential paragraphs to write and a final edit. Unfortunately, i am starting to get very attached to it and like it more and more – this is never a good sign. I always do best on papers i am uncomfortable with. Complacency breeds mediocrity. Right now, however, i am considering trying to get some professors to edit it and then i could send it off as my writing sample to certain grad schools that don’t require book reviews or research proposals in their applications (i.e. Princeton).
I work better when there is a nice smell in the room…so i am currently boiling a turkey carcass. I already made corn chowder this evening (i bought some wrong ingredients and am sure it will turn out horribly, i’ll let you know if it is a TOTAL disaster). I spent too much on groceries this week though and won’t be able to make turkey soup until next week as i require spices. sniffles. i wish i had an oven…i love the smell of banana bread.


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