Some much needed self-censorship


After some serious thought, i have decided than instead of continuing with my current policy of posting, all future posts about Steve will be password-protected when they go up; this way you won’t be subjected to my pathetic whinings (for those of you who read this past Friday’s post before i took it down, my apologies). I want to continue to document this “affair,” which is one of my main motives for engaging in this blog, but i realize that if i am going to let people i know read this, i should be a little more…filtered. Those of you who care can use the password if you want to…or you can more easily ignore me. I deserve to be ignored a lot.
the McCord Museum’s Simply Montreal Exhibit is not fun. In fact, i would say it was bad and boring. The photographs were awesome. The displays were too small and organized in a “thematic” manner, but with no chronology to tie it all together. Snow showed up four times on the same floor, but not in one cohesive display, so there was a lot of boring overlap. Writing this exhibit should be a cinch. Trashing stuff is fun.
How much Boccaccio can i read before going to see Prof. Krantz tomorrow morning? It’s a challenge…!


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