i just did a tentative study/assignment timeline and OMG i have to give up sleep for the next four weeks. I have caffeine pills, but if anyone has access to something stronger (think speed), pls let me know ASAP.
I really wanted to go hear Elie Wiesel talk next Tuesday, and i even found people to go with, but i think that plan is out the window. I think maybe i should take up drinking coffee and smoking. I won’t bore you with the “work to still be completed” list.


6 thoughts on “OMG…

  1. I’ve seen Wiesel speak. He’s depressing, old, and uninspiring. If you know anything about his situation, then you know it all and you’ve heard his speech too. Believe me, you’re not missing much.

  2. What Eric said.

    Furthermore, coffee and cigarettes is a bad idea, particularly during stressful periods of one’s life when there’s an immense workload. It can lead to such unpleasant places as nervous breakdowns, unceasing colds/sickness, and even to the borders of the House of Ulcers.

    Time management is the key to sanity here.

  3. When necessary, email the (in)famous auntie for loving words of encouragement. remember, we are going on the baltic cruise next year ….

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