Tranquil Saturday Evening


Synopsis: wool store, raccoons and mental illness.
I decided to walk to the AMC to meet Lisa. It was a beautiful, crisp night and i took a different road from the one i usually take to go to school. I realized there is a cool wool shop on Victoria between De Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke…i will be returning. I want to crochet a blanket for my bed.
I then decided to forget of the existence of Westmount Park (because it isn’t big enough!) and walked down De Maisonneuve…i encountered two raccoons playing in a tree-filled front yard. Their eyes were like giant saucers and their tails so pretty. I wanted to pet them…but i stood there staring instead for about five minutes until a dog-walker came by and scared them up a maple.
Met Lisa, rushed her through a cup of tea, and then we watched Running with Scissors, which i really liked and she hated. I find a lot of usually uplifting stuff very depressing these days…and the “snapshot of mental illness” as she put it, made me feel that i CAN overcome this lethargia. Lisa found it more…disturbing. I thought it was funny though insanely uncomfortable at moments. I hadn’t been to a movie in quite a while – since school started actually. I am looking forward to play time on Tuesday. I haven’t been to a play in forever also.


One thought on “Tranquil Saturday Evening

  1. Well for me…. I liked some of the moments… like breaking the ceiling. But alot of the images of someone so drugged up they aren’t them anymore, rang a little to true for me and made me think of my dad and the moments- as well as the manic episodes of the mother… they just made me think of moments in my childhood that I haven’t thought about in a very long time.The helplessness you feel as a child dealing with mental illness as well alcoholism… I never want to have to feel that again.

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