secularism: the cause of all evils


Was listening to the CBC at the office yesterday while doing my ever-engaging paper cutting and there was a documentary on a Christian fundamentalist private school teacher on. Despite his argument against evolution and claim that natural science museums are really “churches,” which I guess were claims one should expect from the religious right, he made a VERY interesting (read stupid) assertion: secularism is responsible for the acts of violence in modern society.
Apparently, acts of violence have never occurred in the name of religion and/or religious ideology. Of all the statements to make in the current climate of terrorism and potential genocide in Sudan (or Bosnia, or Tibet for that matter)…this fellow should perhaps take his foot out of his mouth if he expects to be taken seriously for his critique of the current education system’s outright denial of the possibility of creationism.
I have just spent the past 12 minutes trying to find a link to the documentary for you without success…both google and the CBC archives have failed me. Unfortunately, i have an incomplete assignment to hand-in this afternoon, and that’s the only reason i am up at this hour. I hope you believe me that i heard about this.


3 thoughts on “secularism: the cause of all evils

  1. Meanwhile, I can trace most points of misery in my life directly to religion.

    Like being the only kid in my class without candy in his lunch on Nov. 1 when I was in elementary school. It may seem trivial now, but it made a pretty deep impression back then.

  2. How many religions actually have a term for RELIGIOUS WAR?
    Of the three main Western religions: all of them.
    milhemet mitzvah
    lesser jihad
    the Crusades

  3. Religious wars actually are often secular: in the Crusades, the pull factor was the wealth for the most part, which is definitely a secular motive. 9/11 could be traced to secularism as it magnified materialism and demolished moral barriers to excessive luxury. search for such luxury resulted in imperialism, which in turn spawned hostility, epitomized by 9/11.

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