opportunity cost


in the name of my academic career, i am not going to be using MSN except during my boring class on Monday and Wednesdays and from work when i am on the researcher computer. Yes, this means i will be anti-social. Tough titties. If you want to talk to me, send me an email. You will know i am still alive from my semi-frequent blog posting. This has gone on long enough and i am going to end up not handing in my final assignments at this rate. I realized this evening that i am no more than 50 pages of reading further than i was last time i went in for an honours thesis class and nowhere further on either of my two other big papers (Luther and Proust). This means it’s time to crackdown and i am going to follow the advice of the one man who i know will be senile or dead before he consciously lets me down.
I forgot a coursepack at home today and had to rush back between 4pm and 6pm to pick it up. I now have a CV to correct for a summer-job colleague of mine. Then i have three articles to read and summarize, 50 pages of primary source readings for Russian history, an article for my 490 paper and call numbers for my Luther paper to look up – right….and i need to finish Boccaccio’s Defense of Poetry (another 200 pages). All this SHOULD be done for tonight. It will not be, because i require sleep to go to work tomorrow for nine, but i must get cracking…
oh, and for $50, i agreed to drive the van permitting a first-year LACer to move tomorrow evening. Money in the bank permits not working next semester…and i am going to need the time to catch up it looks like…when will i make it to get my new student access card for the bus and metro? There is not enough time in a day?

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