men are pigs


i like being able to post stuff based on my not-so extensive readings rather than random, “what i did today” journaly junk. I remember where and when i wrote the stuff, so it serves the same archival purpose for me…but i hope it’s a little less boring for you…or at least a nice change.

On that note, i was reading about the Schism for my Renaissance/Reformation class (the only i always post from, complaining about how bored i am?). This nugget was skimmed from our textbook:On the Anabaptist movement (those following ALL Christ’s commandments, and literally): [they] persuaded credulous women that it was impossible for them to be saved without sacrificing their virtue, for, they argued, the Lord said that only he who was willing to part with all he held most dear would enter into the kingdom of Heaven (Rice and Grafton, The Foundations of Early Modern Europe, 1460-1559, 167).

To further the “men are pigs” theme, i am going to tack on one of my father’s favourite sayings: “Rule number one when attempting to determine the motivation for male’s behaviour – men are pigs. Rule number two, if in doubt, see rule number one.” This is not a shot at anyone in particular, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the simplest truths in life.

And, lastly, i have an article from the National Post on Monday that discusses the sexiness of various colours and what they connotate. Yes, i know, this is boring, but i don’t feel like writing it all out to mock; i would much rather engage in a more reader-interactive post based on the information in this article that might even be humourous: so, what’s your favourite colour? Mine is orange…wait, purple, no…orange. Yes, orange. I’ll come up with something that at least i’ll find amusing if you’ll humour me…so pls participate for kicks. If not, then you’re just a party-pooper. Hopefully, this will prove we are all pigs, not just those of us con phallis ( abl. of accompaniment).

Why am i in a good mood? A Professor of mine told me i got the first A+ she has ever awarded on that film review of 19 fevrier 1839 i was posting about earlier this month. I might just post it for you all to bask in my glory when i have no new material…but i don’t think that will be very soon…the stickies on my desktop are overwhelming me with interesting topics to investigate. Where was all this creative energy when i had the time to devote my evenings to posting?


12 thoughts on “men are pigs

  1. green and blue….ill go with green or black, nope green. I am not sure really. I like your dad’s saying … so funny. Can see him saying it too. Hope you are having a nice day.

  2. I think I’d go with green… green or pink… okay green. Alhtough that’s not my final decision.

    I think some men are pigs, but not all. I’ve encountered a good number of pigs to believe they really do exist in high numbers. But I’ve also met a decent number of good men. So … we.. yah…

  3. You’d better think twice about calling men pigs. The fact that you’d even try that “Daddy, could I?” BS warrants any chauvenism levelled against you. You’ll never find the status-quo from your knees.
    Just keep in mind that if you’re going to play games like you did with your father for the car this weekend, you lose your credibility.

  4. it WAS a game. to prove i could. my dad would give me the car just to make me happy, the same way he came to pick me up this week-end. wanting to make a girl happy is not the same as trying to take advantage of her.

  5. my brother doesn’t drive. my Dad would have lent me the car no matter how i asked. i came very close to calling him Saturday night to come and get Ana and i when we couldn’t get in a cab. I knew he would have come to save me, but i thought Ana might not have appreciated it.

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