a food post (been a while)


Decided that one of the best ways to test out the slow-cooker would be to make Hungarian stew. The world is apparently engaged in a conspiracy against the lima bean. My recipe calls for a package of frozen lima beans, but lima beans could not be found in frozen, canned nor dried form. I actually like lima beans. Hopefully my stew will come out fine nonetheless.
Guillaume and i went for Korean BBQ last night. My chopstick skills, acquired at the same place with chicken teriyaki last Thursday, disappeared and i made an oaf of myself…me? grace? since when? I am a female Gargantua (and yes, i am counting calories again…trying to average 1200/day over a week…made egg salad for sandwiches). This whole travelling by metro and metro-good-bye thing is not working for me…to public…too jerky…i never realized how much of my social composure was/is car-based.
Lastly, that paper i HATED writing and HATED having to had in: solely confirmed my utmost fears that everyone else is stupid. I got an A. An A at McGill is the highest mark they give out…this is a shitty paper…i am going to try and get another Prof., at the LAC, to mark it blind to get a true assessment of the damage before i write a research paper from it…due in 3 weeks.
Ok. i finished one novel tonight, still have readings to do for tomorrow.


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