thoughts from last night


when i was reading for classes rather than attending a broadway show…

from Mrs. Dalloway page 79 of the Harcourt edition:
“Everyone, if they were honest, would say the same; one doesn’t want people after fifty; one doesn’t want to go on telling women they are pretty.”

Not only do i love the meaning of the above phrase, it’s a great example of Virginia Woolf’s use of the semi-colon. The connectedness of the thoughts really wouldn’t be apparent without it.

I tremble at the thought that, perhaps, it makes more sense to define me in terms of the objects rather than the relationships i’ve acquired; the former being not only less transient but also more of an invested choice of acquisition. When did i become a materialist? When did i stop caring about caring?


One thought on “thoughts from last night

  1. What you acquire and the relationships you have are both part of what you are.. you can’t just discard one and define yourself by the other. The relationhips you’ve had had an influence of who you are today, and the ones you have today change what you will be tomorrow.

    A person is a whole, not compartimentalized.

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