Calorie-burning drinks


I came across this article about coca-cola’s new calorie-burning beverage to be released in Winter of 2007. Apparently, like all hypo-caloric drinks that contain caffeine, it burns more than you consume while drinking it…i guess my cocktail of green tea and caffeine pills may be surplanted.
Discussing this new product, which i don’t find that new…, with Ana brought up that perhaps i have a problem in that i am looking forward to it being released…so, i decided to take a psychological test online…and lo and behold:
“1. A score of more than 20 on the EAT-26: “your score on the EAT-26 indicates significant eating or weight concerns and a significant percentage of young women who score in this range have eating disorders or at risk for developing eating disorders. Based on your score, it is recommended that you seek a consultation from a qualified health professional to determine if your concerns require special assistance.”

2. A positive response to one or more of the four behavioral questions following the EAT-26: “You have reported a behavior that indicates a potentially significant problem common among people with eating disorders. Based on your score, it is recommended that you seek a consultation from a qualified health professional to determine if your concerns require special assistance.”

Great. Another reason to go see a counsellor. who doesn’t feel guilty about what they eat? if i had an eating disorder, my BMI would be under 18, not 25, but apparently there is an in-between phase of people who are very susceptible but not causing any physical damage to themselves. Lovely. If you’re interested in how such a condition can possible be determined using the internet (which i am always skeptical of, though apparently my GRE scores correlate to the results from all those online IQ tests i used to take as a kid, so maybe i should be less skeptical), you can by going here.

i forecast this product making Coca-Cola a shitload of money. I am considering buying stock. I was always a Pepsi-product girl before, but this may swing the scales in Coca-Cola’s favour. The issue is that i hate diet coke…though i like diet pepsi.

7 thoughts on “Calorie-burning drinks

  1. Disorder: what an ambiguous word! “The DSM-IV provides the diagnostic criteria for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa as well as research criteria for Binge-Eating” ( These disorders can cause your BMI to go up, down, or both, Heather.
    Of course, it’s also possible the test is deigned to suggest that people seek help more often than not…
    “Anyone who serves on the content staff must fully disclose any financial or other interests that he or she may have in any drug, biotech, medical device, or other company perceived to have influence in the mental healthcare or healthcare industry. Such disclosure must be made to the individual’s immediate supervisor at the time of hiring or at the time that the financial or other interest develops. The supervisor will determine whether the interest presents a conflict and, if so, what must be done to eliminate it.”

  2. Not everyone feels guilty about what they eat. I mean, if I binge-eat a shitload of sugar once in a while I will feel a bit bad, but this doesn’t come often, and certainly not on a daily basis.

    I didn’t want to get you all worked up… I’m just worried that you might develop an ED… because my personal observation (very personal and not expert at all) tells me you might be over-obsessing.

    Being healthy is one thing, but making yourself sick (mentally AND physically, eventually) over it is not gonna help. I just want to make sure you are okay.

    Keep me posted… *hugs*

  3. Don’t drink soda, it’s bad for you. Drink water 🙂

    I’m a hypocrit, mind you.

    You have a fantabulous body Heather. I’ll tell you as much Monday morning 🙂

  4. Soda’s about as good for you as water.
    “Good for you” is a matter of what you need it to do for you, how you intend to use it, how it satisfies you (not merely physically), and it’s definitely not a relative issue. You can’t say something’s no good for you because something else is better. That’s like saying Joseph-Armand Bombardier wasn’t a good entreprenneur because Sir Richard Branson is better.
    Water’s hypo-caloric too. The truth of the matter is, unlike eating food, drinking doesn’t really use any energy. It’s just a marketing spin. You won’t burn any more calories drinking this new drink than you would a normal glass of diet pepsi. Diet colas have had only one calorie per serving since they were released.
    If a website that promotes health suggests you seek professional help and a beverage company that promotes drinking anything other than tap water suggests you can change your lifestyle, all either of them know about Feather is that she’s paying attention to them instead of to herself.

  5. Unfortunately, we are all affected by the mainstream media’s current obsession with the perfect, bone thin body.

    The concept of diet cola always made me laugh and think of the joke about the guy who orders one with a large bacon burger and fries.

    As for the weight loss effects of this new product, I don’t see how this can be too beneficial. As one of the commentators wrote on this post, don’t fall for the marketing spin. Regular exercise is probably safer (well, relatively) than putting some high-caffeine drink in your body.

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