halloween costumes


I was doing some research on my Halloween costume (as opposed to what I should have been researching, my historiographical survey on Luther and the Humanists) and the French maid outfit may be out and surplanted by Little Red Riding Hood. Either way, I went out and bought the necessary fishnets (and stockings, while I was at it). Shopping is planned for tomorrow afternoon with Ana after work. I think I might wear the fishnets tomorrow to look at the effect…if worse comes to worse though, I am going to order online…I am just fearful of ordering a woman’s size for my lower half, but needing a teen for the bodice part (ah…if only I had boobs to match these thunderthighs…LOL).

There are some weird costumes…what is a soda-pop girl? How are those outfits of silk to the floor for Japanese women characterized as sexy? I was particularly fond of the little bo beep costume, though I’m not about to go around all in white.

The government re-evaluted my loan application and I am getting over $3000 more than expected. Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “halloween costumes

  1. hello. good luck halloween shopping. I need to get a second costume…good times. Hope the fishnets work out and all. Have a nice weekend.

  2. ack, Halloween costumes…. last year was my first one without a costume, and I’m determined not to repeat that! Now I just need to figure something out…. suggestions?

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