never thought i would see…


(a) a breast cancer fundraiser that alienated every female walking by: through the Roddick gates at McGill yesterday there was a “Bench for Breasts” contest with a lot of jocks paying to compete over who was stronger in the name of breast cancer research.
(b) me winning a pool game (because Guillaume bounced a ball off the table) AND me almost winning another (insane good luck not only with my own shots, but blocking his). He may have thrown it, i am still unsure.


2 thoughts on “never thought i would see…

  1. Blow a pool game to woo a girl? I’d do it.

    Just to update you: I did the dastardly deed today. I think it went ok, although she did get quite angry and said a few nasty things, and threw some things.

    Update over.

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