the many reasons to be freaking out


I finally got a modicum of work done today…in other words, i researched and outlined a paper…that’s it. i know you’re impressed. i also took the trouble to figure out when all the grad school application deadlines are. The three schools i would consider myself blessed to get into (Princeton, Yale and U of T) have deadlines of Dec. 31, Jan. 2 and Jan 12th respectively. Ottawa has a deadline of April 1 (yes, that’s weird). i was trying to figure out the graduate funding deadlines and realized that as i have no idea what i am going to write my dissertation on, i should probably put that off until next year…hell, i haven’t even figured out what my honours thesis is on (but don’t tell anyone else that…LOL). My plan for this upcoming week is to sit down and create a chart with the requirements for each application…and then i will start knocking off one thing a week as long as i can while keeping up with my other work…like mid-terms and papers. I need to get working on my more serious papers, but i am a bum and quite obviously putting it off which is very unlike me. There is a serious one due on Oct. 17th, and i am still humming and hawing over the topic. This is not good. Maybe i will do that tonight after reading another 25 pages of Ulysses (which finally did me in on page 581…there will be no more of an attempt to read it cover to cover…assigned readings will be enough from here on in).
Inevitably, i WAS feeling good about the work accomplished, but now am not. Ah well, i am sure i will feel better after folding all that laundry in the dryer so i will have some clean clothes to wear to my grandmother’s for thanksgiving…this may be my last post until i get back. try not to miss me too much.


3 thoughts on “the many reasons to be freaking out

  1. i am going to my grandmother’s. I have not seen her nor my aunt since around April and am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving eating way too much good food (peach pie, turkey, brie) and drinking lots of champagne. She lives in Smiths Falls (about half an hour from Brockville, or 3 hours from here) and i expect to get back Monday evening. I will be fatter, but hopefully my homework will be done and i will be well-rested.

  2. i hope so too. Have a nice time love…HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My mummy is visiting here in T.O so I am looking forward to the weekend too.

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