incest or not?


Incest taboos are pretty universal. The only known society where they are not an issue is the Nah of China, and they have other sexual taboos that restrict their lives even IF it is possible in their society for fathers and daughters to procreate (i am not providing a link to this here, you can look it up yourself if you’re interested).
Now, i imagine you know by now that i am working as an “archivist” for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research…essentially i engage in arts and crafts all day and yes i am a loser, but i do get the benefit of perusing many a newspaper page i would otherwise never have time to look up.
Last Friday i came across the following article (read it yourself) that discusses a billionaire who married his daughter, albeit whom he only met at the tender age of 21, after a ten year affair beginning in 1994.
ok…group yick…i am repulsed…the question is why? there was obviously NO parental relationship between them…and there is no mention of there intending to have children…so what makes it more disgusting than any other sugar-daddy relationship? i have a hypothesis – it is oh so bothersome that there are individuals getting off on the idea of sleeping with a parent/child and it hitting the media…any other suggestions?

2 thoughts on “incest or not?

  1. Well, aside from it being disgusting, the idea of having kids with your kid can lead to a series of genetic problems and diseases that would generally not occur in non-incestuous breeding.

    Not to mention the psychosocial issues that the kid will have in dealing with the fact that his father is also his grandfather and his mother is technically also his sister.

    Man, I don’t care how rich and powerful this guy is. Sleeping with your own daughter and then marrying her is just plain wrong.

  2. Oediopus…
    Nevermind the obvious Sophoclean family issues. I believe the point Heather was trying to make is that there’s a more obvious Freudian comfort level one naturally feels for one’s parent/child. It can’t be denied, yet you call it “disgusting.” Why? What makes it disgusting? It can’t be a question of weakening a gene pool. That sounds like a bad idea, but it’s not disgusting.

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