Hit Me


i have developed a bad cough with no other symptoms or apparent causes – is the nervous ailment i have been aiming for finally arriving?
i can’t enjoy wine…i am finding it to sour.
Lisa now thinks that i am in a deeper, darker quagmire than she did before. I should not admit to stuff in those moments of high drama. i need to learn to shut my mouth.
the parents will be here to pick me up for breakfast in less than eight and a half hours. i caved in and text messaged the ex. he did not respond and it was likely for the better.
i miss being cuddled…but really cuddled…accompanied by cooing, sniffing and hair twirling on my part. i miss smalls of backs, napes of necks and upper arms. i miss long eyelashes, rolled eyes and smirks. i miss sleeping all afternoon on the week-end to recover from the antics of the morning.
Hit me again.


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