Brie makes it better


Yet again…I know the nature of working on lay-out whatsoever is that you are always pressed for time…but I do think that attempting to get all the text and graphics up in less than 12 hours was a bit of an overshot. I got all the text up, but the visual art section is escaping me…I am going to retry it again this evening when I get home from making apple-crisp with Ana, but who knows how successful I will be. The good news is that I have finally managed to figure out how graphic converter works – there is so no need to purchase expensive software in this world.
I watched, for my History in Montreal class, Pierre Falardeau’s 15 fevrier 1839. Wow. Firstly, because I imagine few of my readers would be aware of this, one of my ancestors was hung on Feb. 15, 1839 as a rebel; his name was Amable Daunais and he actually is depicted in the movie as a very young man, very unable to confront his fate. This was an odd sensation – to watch the depiction by an actor of someone I have been told about numerous times as an ancestor (usually in a rhetoric of how because I speak English doesn’t make me not “pur laine”).
Secondly, I loved the rewrite of the Patriotes’ goal to independence and not proper representation. Considering the Quebecois had refused to align with the United States during the War of Independence, it was rather hard to believe that their goal was self-determination in an age pre-Nationalism. I have to write a review on the movie, and I imagine it will revolve around those two points. I think I can get quite a bit of marks out of the first one as our Professor is quite obviously interested in the depiction of public history and would be interested in how history gets passed down through generations. I need to find out a bit more about him, but I am going to be going to visit my grandmother for Thanksgiving and will have a chance to pick her brain for any information she might have.
The movie would have been much better if it had been a little less sentimental, much less polemic and accompanied by brie and wine.

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