I stole (ok, I took by accident, but I love hyperbole) a Professor’s copy of Death in Venice yesterday. I noticed because the postcard of the Cliffs of Muhrer that Lisa sent me from Ireland and which I use as a bookmark was not to be found within this edition’s pages. I have used a lot of different objects as bookmarks over the past couple of years which have seen me reading up to six novels/monographs at a time: receipts (my least favourite – too flimsy and inevitably something embarrassing was bought), movie stubs, museum entrance stubs, bills (again, identity theft anyone? I am stupid), pens (which fall out all the time), photographs, envelopes, objects I or someone else actually purchases with this purpose in mind, and, of course, postcards.
I like using postcards best. The letters written on the back are a great break from the reading of the book when I have had enough…the pictures are good distractors when my eyes get tired, they are pretty, they are just the right size that they don’t fall out or go un-noticed in between the pages. Before my memory was shot either from age or my recreational habits (gotta love that euphemism!) I used to just be able to remember the page I had last been at. Now I find myself re-reading four or five paragraphs everytime I return to a work…no wonder I am so much slower than I was in my International Baccalaureate days…
What do you use? What do you think it says about you?


4 thoughts on “bookmarks

  1. I use post-its that I stick at the exact paragraph I am at. I almost never stop reading until I am done a paragraph or a chapter.

    I might be sloppy in every part of my life, but I am quite methodical when it comes to reading.

  2. i try to remember the pages, but this semester with so much going on….a lot of time could be wasted trying to remember and leafing through looking for something familiar. SO i have started using flag post its, but they get a lot worn. I also have a huge paper clip thing with a dog on it, but i don’t know where it went.

  3. Oh, man, what haven’t I used as bookmarks? Mostly some of the same stuff you’ve been using, or whatever I can find that fits between two pages and won’t fall out so easily.

    A lot of ticket stubs, my bank statement (probably just as bad as bills). I’ve used receipts in the past, but as you said, they are too flimsy. I’ve tried post cards, but usually only on large books or textbooks. I don’t like them on pocket book sized novels. Oh, I like using business cards and Post-its as well.

    Or, if I really can’t find anything, I just fold the top corner of the page that I’m reading.

  4. Several years ago I found the perfect bookmarks. I often had 3-4 books going at the same time as well so I needed something I had a lot of and that I didn’t really need for anything else.

    Canadian Tire money!

    What else is it good for anyway? It’s thicker than regular paper and I always had tons of it in my car (before my bro got through with it) since I usually got gas at Canadian Tire.

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