New apartment folks!


Last night (well, the afternoon really) I moved into my new place…no internet access, so entries are going to be back-dated for a while. You’ll just have to cope as I am not rich enough to get myself hooked up and supposedly my landlords (who live upstairs and are not super quiet, by the by) are getting high-speed and are interested in halfing the bill with me.
Okay…all that to get to my point. I promptly started reading Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way as I have readings due for tomorrow, and the ouverture has this beautiful bit about how when you are falling asleep or waking up your mind replays all the rooms you have ever fallen asleep in. It was very fitting for my first night in my own place. I am loving this reading assignment.

I went out with Anabelle this afternoon. We walked from my place to the Eaton Centre, shopped for a couple of hours (I bought a black shirt for my grandfather’s funeral) and then got on the metro to go to Ana’s where we watched a Film Noir called Brick. It was my first of the genre. It was good. I had some trouble following the dialogue at times, but I think that may have had more to do with our watching the movie on a laptop than anything else. Ana then took me out for dinner (my birthday present) to St. Viateur’s on Monkland. The Moo Moo is awesome (roast beef, swiss, lettuce, tomato and Dijon mustard) but is beaten by their artichoke salad. Yum.

I walked home. I stopped at Pharmaprix to pick up some cotton. My landlords make quite a bit of noise when they walk. Not complaining, I am completely aware that this is the nature of a basement apartment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my best to muffle the various sounds. Yes, I know earplugs would be more effective, but I still want to hear my phone ring, my alarm sound and other IMPORTANT noises like the kettle boiling. That and earplugs make my ears hurt from the pressure. Cotton may not be as effective, but it is more comfortable.

Tonight will be my first night alone here. I think I will be okay. Back to Proust.


7 thoughts on “New apartment folks!

  1. hello. glad you are adjusting nicely to living in the basement. good luck with the cotton. Anyways, hopefully i will see you online sometime soon…take care

  2. Living in a new apartment alone is never easy, but I’m sure you will cope well. It’s a new beginning for you!
    And no internet means no distractions, which means no fun…oh well, at least your homeworks shall be done faster!

  3. The trick to living below noisy people is to reduce the variety of sounds they produce. That means when they walk around, if you have a boom, rumble, shake, and jingle, see if maybe you can eliminate some of those sounds on your own. For example, you probably can’t do anything about the boom and rumble, but if the jingle is in your lamp, then you can maybe move it, change the kind of bulb it uses (incandescents are noisy and inefficient), or throw a blanket over it. If you have picture frames rattling, try putting them on a cushion or pillow if you don’t have a dampenning rubber or plastic surface.
    The result will be that you will have fewer sounds to get used to (AND YOU WILL GET USED TO THEM) until you don’t even notice them anymore.

  4. Congratulations on the move. This must be very exciting for you. Living alone, despite the noise from upstairs neighbours, the first thing that I’m sure you will appreciate is the sudden peace and quiet that you normally don’t get when living with other people. Less distractions, better opportunities to think and introspect… Enjoy it!

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