two posts in one day


In this stupid class again. I should have listened when Prof. Krantz told me that I would be bored out of my mind. To make matters worse, as if that were possible (okay, it is) she is one of those teachers who feels the need reiterate a large portion of the last lecture before recommencing. We are now a week in and I don’t think I am going to purchase one of the textbooks it is such a waste. I have never consciously ignored assignments before – but reading excerpts of Machiavelli at this stage, when I am seriously considering reading them in Italian for the hell of it is just ridiculous. Do I sound contemptuous? Three hundred level courses bite.

The Void meeting was interesting…it was as if the summer had never occurred and I should never have taken down all my hard work. Please note that it is all back up. The release date for the new issue is September 18th and the Launch party is on September 26th at Reggie’s. Yes I will be there…donations are lovingly encouraged to help us pay for the printing of the issue. I am anxious. If you have nothing to do that evening, pls drop by at 8pm and say hi as I do something administrative at the event. I am back on the whole collecting of bloggers bit for the next issue…apparently it was shut down because the editors were terrified of the mass of work involved…of course, I always intended to try and run the thing, but they apparently didn’t know that. If you would be interested in contributed, pls let me know…I would appreciate being able to prove to my pretentious co-staffers that I CAN actually manage to run something. LOL.

I made an ass of myself in class just now. Lovely. Said Petrarch spent his youth in Cologne…yup…Cologne and Avignon are apparently the same place now. My foot is so far in my mouth at least I can kick my own ass. And yes, I am proud of that turn of phrase. It is rare I come up with anything I am actually proud of…I am still considering posting a nice email Skrud sent me once about how brashly genuine this blog is…it needs an overhaul…maybe once I move out. I have gotten tired of this theme and this format.

Where am I going with this? This entry/post is perhaps the prime example for why I refuse to blog more than once a day. Some people do it nicely, Ana for example, but not I. I do not need a forum to ramble more than once a day. I monopolize that right too frequently already.

And I was told to shut up last night very quietly in my ear…I deserved it. It is nice being with people who feel comfortable enough to tell me to shut up. I will now presume that you all are thinking I should be told that now…

3 thoughts on “two posts in one day



    I’ll try to drag Romain with me if I can – if I can get a hold of him when I come back from my conference. This also applies to next week’s drinking party.

    Gr. Unreliable boys. Getting used to it am I? IS THERE ANY GUY WHO IS EVER TRUE TO HIS WORD, EVER?

    And thanks for the compliment, although I don’t think I do it nicely – I just write my overflowing thoughts all the time to keep me concentrated on other stuff. 3-line posts 5 times a day is equivalent to your lenght every 2 days…

    I’m rambling, my class is boring.

    I’ll go blog. Haha.

  2. Oh, and as far as blog goes, I’d be interested in writing – I can never seem to come up with anything interesting enough for publishing, but I’m sure I can deal with blog posts.

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