New employment prospects


i will be working for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research on Tuesdays and Fridays until the Quebec government sends them an archivist. Yeah for me managing to not be unemployed yet again.

My grandfather is suffering from delusions. He does not recognize my Dad and is convinced there is an air conditioner in his room. Apparently opening a drawer placated him that my father had turned it off. GREAT.

We had a flat tire going in to work today. My poor Dad had to come and save the day by picking me up at the Canadian Tire we managed to get to so i would not be late for class. He is so tired he almost got into an accident on the way home from my grandmother’s this evening. GREAT.

There is something else wrong with my Mom’s car. I do not know how i will be getting in to work on Friday for my last day at Equinox. GREAT.

However, i must count my blessings that neither I, nor anyone i know of, was at Dawson this afternoon. I hope no one is grieving right now. If i believed in a higher being, i would pray.

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