New things…


Went to La Ronde on Sunday…i made it birthday related even though it wasn’t. I had never waited in line to be in the first cars of rollercoasters before and let me tell you that it was worth it.

Yesterday went out for a “pre-lated” birthday dinner with Matt, Lisa and Bryan. As i was sitting there i realized that i had never before gone out for dinner with friends and someone i had kissed…yup. my life has been weird. Kudos to Bryan for not being all over Lisa…Matt pointed it out to me and it was appreciated. Yes, Bryan has class for those of you who thought he was just a social inept…he showed some suaveness last night that i appreciated.

My grandfather had a stoke last night…apparently he cannot walk. Is it horrible that in my head i thought…good, this might be over? i am horrible. there is no redemption for me. good thing i don’t believe in an afterlife.

there is the possibility of my getting a job for 10/hr a week for the next month, maybe more, working for the Institute Prof. Krantz works at. I am going by tomorrow. Wish me luck…and a happy birthday.

3 thoughts on “New things…

  1. My uncle had a stroke about fifteen years ago. He was suddenly wheel-chair-bound and unable to do simple things like go to the bathroom, get out of bed, or dial a telephone anymore. Today, fifteen years later, he still has trouble dialing and has not made any progress on the other two. But that’s alright. The people around him have adjusted their lives and he has adapted his. It’s the way life goes. Over time, everything falls into place. It may not be the most desirable outcome, but it’s AN outcome. Sometimes, even an undesirable option is the best one. I’d be curious to read another post in a few months about how things play out. It’s never over until long after you first thought so. 😉

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