Prof. Krantz warned me that I would be bored to death in a 300-level class on the Renaissance, I should have listened. I hope the sections of the course on the Reformation are more interesting because it is taking all my willpower to follow this Professors lilting voice and not play clickomania. Unfortunately, I do not know if you can or how you go about hooking up to a wireless network at McGill and I can’t use MSN as a crutch. I particularly don’t like how distant from any primary sources this course is being. There is nothing like dangling the names of authors I would love to have as assigned readings instead of a textbook to drive me nuts.
There is good new on the great apartment hunt front: I am going right after my lecture from 6pm-8pm this evening to check out a 1 ½ basement apartment in Westmount. It is unfurnished, but heated and lighted and is $410 with a lease by semester. I am optimistic. I could walk to school from there and the cab back when I go out would not be too horrific. Cross your fingers for me please! I need to drag someone out there with me, but I am meeting a woman, so I don’t need to be too worried that it’s a trap. LOL. I am so skeptical of humankind’s intentions.
I spent the summer dressing rather nicely. Bought some clothes, etc. I am back in “bum-mode” again I guess. Woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed to do a tae-bo video (ouch) and then couldn’t muster up the energy to even put on a bra after showering. Lovely. It’s good to know somethings never change.
On things I could have lived without: this morning I managed to convince myself that I have a lump under my arm. It hurts when I poke at it. Yes, I know, so don’t poke at it, but I know there are a lot of lymph nodes there and I am ever worried about getting cancer…so I am genuinely worried. If it doesn’t go away by Monday, I guess I’ll be going to the doctor; there are other things I want to discuss, so it might be a good thing overall as long as I don’t end up sick.


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  1. well good luck with the apartment I imagine I will be hearing about it soon…and i agree with going to the doctor on monday…have a good one.

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