you want how much for THIS?


The apartment i went to visit tonight was a 1 1/2. It was not furnished. It had linoleum floors. It was in a basement and they wanted $525/month for it. Did i mention it was over 20 minutes by bus from the nearest metro? HA! Dream on buddy. I want a place, but i don’t want it that badly. I don’t have time to look, but i am not stupid.
I have something mildly insulting to share with you yet again:
i was thinking we could give the void a myspace account, you know connect with all the hot young things, what do you think? i am computer illeterate so i couldn’t but perhaps you could be in charge of that shit.
To which i responded:
my space?
we have a website.
we paid $80 american for said website.
If someone would let me put something on said website i would.
Was i too harsh?
Please note, for the record, that the “we” used to describe who paid for the website really means me. I have not been reimbursed and i don’t imagine i ever will be.


7 thoughts on “you want how much for THIS?

  1. I agree with Skrud. Not harsh enough.

    Stupid MySpace. [the rest of this comment has been deleted to ensure it does not offend any possible readers; thanks for your co-operation].

  2. MySpace is often used as free publicity these days. It does not replace one’s product (CD, political campaign, magazine), it only helps to increase the number of people who are aware of it.
    I have heard of bands on tour using MySpace to remind their “friends” where their next stop will be and to take requests (allowing them time to rehearse them in advance). The Void could not fit on a MySpace page, although a page about the Void might serve as a catalyst in growing an online readership. It is a forum for networking that, once in place, would not require any maintenance, but would take care of itself.
    I believe it is an idea that merits some consideration. Maybe it was not properly pitched to you, but I don’t see how it conflicts with your principles and vision for the online Void.

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