oh the unhealthiness


i know i promised that i would not write about this anymore, but i have been eating horribly while in Toronto. Too much salt, sugar and alcohol. I will be lucky if there are any clothes that fit come Tuesday at this rate. It’s at moments like these that i want to take up smoking. LOL.
Veronica is at work and i am waiting to hear from her cousins to start the chicken and asparagus i am lovingly preparing for dinner. I love cooking so much and it has been a joy to have people to cook for around. The shittiest aspect of working for Equinox has been the lack of a normal sleeping schedule and an inability to cook for anyone with the insane hours i am keeping.
I am looking forward to school. I am looking forward to moving out. I am looking forward to having my own place. I can do this. I can keep my head on straight and not break down every week at least once in a heap of lonely crying. I can be strong. I will be strong. Just this one last time because i know it will be worth it.
The summer is over and my list is so far from completed it isn’t even funny. But, this summer taught me a lot about who i am and just how far i can push myself. There has been a reassessment of goals. I can cope with that. I need to do something to help myself find happiness and sometimes that means not giving a damn about others. That isn’t like me to say…well, not the pre-April me who lived for the promises she had made.
I want to be a good friends, good daughter, a good sister and a good lover, but to do that, i need some space of my own. I need to be in charge of my life to an extent that i have never been before…and i am hoping to accomplish that this upcoming year…the last one at Concordia…the last one as an undergraduate. No more complaining (LOL).
So…if you hear we worrier, fretting or otherwise making myself sick, pls feel free to tell me to “shut the fuck up!”

8 thoughts on “oh the unhealthiness

  1. Stop by on the terrasse in back of the hall building when you get back to school. Next week (well, tuesday and friday at least) I’ll either be in class or on the terrasse all day. Not the best place to eat right but definetely a nice place to relax and meet new people.

  2. Well, it’s initiation all day Friday, so, hm… check out outside the College for a bunch of LACers doing crazy things – among them a water-balloon battle with cardboard forts.


    Tomorrow, hm, class start late.

    I dunno.

    Heather just suggested I should meet you because you are nice guys. Shall I listen to her?

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