Cross your fingers folks


I just wrote a practice version of the GREs (not the adaptive version, but a paper version) and did really well on the math section but not very good on the verbal section. This is horrible. I am reviewing the strategy for taking the latter section as it is what is actually more important to me…damn i hate definitions, antonyms and analogies. I love word games, but for marks, they suck.

Watched the Wizard of Oz with Matt last night. I had never noticed just how BAD that movie is conpared to contemporary standards…i know, acting styles have changed…but it’s difficult for a modern viewer to get in the groove. I had sent Matt the link to the internet movie database, so i listened to him share the interesting tidbits i hadn’t had time to check out at work during the whole thing. Nothing like a running commentary on an old favourite. hehe. I want me a pair of them slippers.

Yesterday was another kick ass day at the office as far as commissions and sales went. I managed to connive a bonus out of Simon for putting up two great days with a good non-cheque conversion in a row. Yeah an extra $5 for me! Said money will come in handy when i am purchasing lingerie at Walmart yet again tonight. My Mom is taking me with her to give me a break from studying…little does she know that i am sitting here blogging instead of studying. I am chronic.

I still have to do the electronic version of the test..with the timed-essay sections and the questions getting easier or harder based on the correctness of my previous answers. I have a list of seven schools to which i want my marks sent…is that too much? I don’t intend to apply to ALL of them, but i don’t have it narrowed down yet. One thing at a time. Thus far, i have: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, U of Toronto, Ottawa U, U of Alberta and Simon Frasier. I am going to be applying to the JMSB program, but i don’t think they will care about my GRE scores anyways. I need 2 American and 3 Canadian schools (like U of T, Ottawa U and Concordia), but maybe four Canadian if i get more interested in either of the ones out West.

Please wish me luck. tomorrow is an insanely hectic day and i still need to pack too. Egadz, nothing like leaving everything until the last minute! the next post will be from the big TO.


4 thoughts on “Cross your fingers folks

  1. I’m sure that you will do great. I’m pretty sure your marks will impress the ivy league schools. Go Heather!

    Question: what program in JMSB are you applying for? MBA?

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