is this for me?


Do i really want to be an academic? Why am i shooting for the moon? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to complete my B.A. and either apply for education at McGill or try and get into the Masters in Administrative Science at JMSB? I don’t know how far away i want to move…i don’t know how much longer i want to do this for?

Call this the pre-GRE cold feet. Someone pls smack me out of it.

5 thoughts on “is this for me?

  1. Well, being an Academic does have its annoyances, some of which might be more irritating to some than to others. Example:

    – Having to publish material on a regular (annual?) basis.
    – Being expected to hire TAs to teach your classes (Don’t.Do.That!)
    – Fighting for tenure
    – Interdepartmental fighting. Humans are dangerous and stupid. Never forget that.
    – Thousands of papers to correct
    – Distinct lack of a proper social life
    – Crappy pay
    – Living in a very isolated intellectual world that’s 10-15 years ahead of what the general public knows to be the current-and-up-to-date accepted version of The Truth.
    – Being a smug, self-obsessed, high-brow, snobbish intellectual twat who’s no fun at parties and whose idea of a good time is attempting public readings of Proust.


    – You teach what you want. It’s your call
    – You get to work with students who’ve just passed the whole hormonal angst period of their lives. This is Teh Yay.
    – You get your very own office.
    – Your life becomes one in which you live within your brain
    – Paid summers
    – Tenure is the greatest thing ever known to mankind
    – Conference trips!

    You seem to be obessive enough to enjoy such a career, and you certainly have the energy for such a job. You might not always live where you’d like, which is crappy, but the upsides are fairly cool. Or so I inclined to think…even if I do mock it mercilessly.

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