Poem of the Week (yet another edition)


I have stuff to write about, i do, but i don’t feel like it. Pool is more fun than i thought it would be. That’s all you get about my week-end. Like it or lump it.


She carried the lamp behind the water lilies.
The midnight dawn gnaws through
the high chamber where Maria sleeps,
as I long for water and for lilies.

I lie beside her. She rests with me. And none
of us are in this world jointly,
for nothing is here for elsewhere joined
where no desire tears one and the other asunder.

The wall becomes mirror of the army of stars.
The silence swells with fish. In the algae
grate the saline crystals of old sores.

Will I remain then in the watery grave
while the phantom ship sails on forever?
– But when Maria sighs, I take her hand.


Translated by Marian de Vooght & Green Integer

What i like about this: i don’t know, but i do. it’s so melancholy…so dramatic…so soft. don’t ask me what it is other than that…but i find it appealing. i particularly like the use of the word asunder…it’s a cool word.


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