the joys of housework


I got home last night at around eleven thirty after spending the evening gabbing with Lisa and reading astrological sign stuff which kept us in stitches (i don’t believe in the zodiac, but, unfortunately i am such a Virgo that i validate everyone else’s esoteric beliefs). I proceeded to put all my nice, clean, fabric-softener smelling clothes away, change my sheets, sweep my floor, flip my mattress and clean out my desk from all my summer school papers i no longer need. I am the only person i know who seriously enjoys tidying up at 12:30 am before going to bed. Ah…the joys of housework…and my bed was all comfy, cozy and soft.

So…i am at work right now…burning away some of the best pitches i have ever come up with on people who are in foul humours…luckily there is almost no one here so we get to laugh and mock the people who are rude or say mean things and share the nice people who make our lives just a little bit better. I have exactly two weeks left now…there are still a lot of people visiting this blog by googling Comparaction, and to be honest, it scares me. Ah well. I genuinely think it’s a good program for the vast majority of the people whom i call, so whatever.

Simon brought us in Timbits. I will miss Simon. He is cool.

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