i found my missing american express card. it was in my wallet, which, unfortunately considering it is one of my favourite souvenirs from Florence, has a tear in it that i was unaware of and into which my AMEX was lost for the better part of the day yesterday. Disaster averted. I have now managed to go an entire 11 consecutive months without losing my wallet. I know you are impressed…

The half of my exam i wrote while still a little tipsy from the sangria with Tim, i got perfect on. The other half, when i was sobering up, not so great. I made a billion stupid little mistakes…but i finished with an A- in the course anyways…how you ask? By being an overachiever. We had to give an oral presentation of three minutes; i rehearsed a presentation of 5 minutes in front of him, but when it came time to go up, i ended up ad libbing for another ten minutes in Italian. Because of this situation, my professor gave me 9.2 out of 10 instead of the whole marks he was giving everyone else (i got the best mark on that too, by the by) and that extra .2 is what got me an A-. There is nothing like being saved by your overachiever status. It is such a validation. Of course, as i was standing up there ad libbing i was acutely aware of the danger i was in…every sentence could just have been more rope i was hanging myself with, but it turned out well. YEAH for me!

I found the best herbal tea EVER with Ana at Vasco de Gama’s, but they didn’t have any more available in boxes for me to purchase. i will be going back next week when they get a new order…African Amber is delicious and goes really well with chocolate biscotti! Ana’s piercing, which at first really freaked me out, is starting to grow on me. The price kind of makes it that there will be no purchasing of surface piercings while i am in the process of attempting to find and furnish an apartment, but it’s nice to know that if i need somehing stupid to do, i have a new idea. You can see a picture of said piercing (not that a picture does it justice) on Ana’s livejournal.

Dinner last night at Ferrari’s was very pleasant. I chatted with some classmates i hadn’t had a chance to talk to before. I drank more wine than was good for me for a second night in a row…i only bought one glass, but our professor started buying bottles and then the restaurant gave all of us who were still there at 10pm a glass of port on the house. I really like port after a nice helping of Tiramisu. Yum.

Okay…i need to get a move on before work as i need to stop at the pharmacy on the way out.


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