Simplicity i cannot cope with…


I complicate things. I like putting in effort, but when you put in effort it blows things way out of proportion because things that could be simple are now monstrous affairs. There are many times when my inability to half-ass anything and just presume it will turn out all right is a god-sent (school in general for example, planning going away parties/months), but at other times it is crippling. I make a huge ass of myself for no know reason other than that i can’t shut the fuck up while i am reasoning something very simple and even pleasant out to every possible consequence. I think it would be nice if someone invented big stickers that could just be plastered across my mouth to shut me up under those circumstances. And yes, i am being hard on myself, it is my nature.

i had overstudied for my Italian exam to the point that i could no longer look it over on Tuesday because i found it so horribly boring. This was not good…this equaled cockiness and disaster and i knew it…so there was sangria with dinner. and not being sure of myself because i had some alcohol in me forced me to slow down. that was good. i was done in 2 hours instead of my usual one and i reviewed my work. hopefully i did okay. i should find out tonight as i am going out for dinner with my prof and some other classmates.


3 thoughts on “Simplicity i cannot cope with…

  1. While it is true that the simple answer is sometimes the best answer, overcomplicating and overthinking certain things do pay off.

    A little attention to detail can mean the difference between success and total disaster. So don’t be too hard on yourself when you start overthinking stuff. It’s just something that people who want succeed do naturally.

  2. I think you’d make a good programmer. While the simplest solution is often the best, you still need to think and consider every possible thing that can go wrong.

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