I resigned from the office today. my last day will be September 9th, which means that i will not be able to attend the initiation of the first years at the LAC. i am saddened by this, but i was not able to tell my boss i wouldn’t come in those last two days when he had kindly offered to let me come back if i ever need some extra cash.

Someone else has apparently been converted to WordPress…Mwahahaha.

The woman that was making our call centre a bit of a soap opera stole about $800 from another of my co-workers last Thursday and has not shown up for work since. Wow. i knew SOMETHING was fishy…she came on too strong, and why was she hanging out with Peter in the first place before accusing him of sexual harrassment? i am just very sorry for the person who was a victim of this scam artist. She had a lot to lose and lost quite a bit. it is really unfortunate and just goes to show the lengths people will go to in order to make themselves feel powerful…including ruining someone else’s dreams (in this case of opening up a farm that offers pensione de cheval). The woman who was scammed is losing at least one of her horses over this. She is not well off and was just coming out of a very rough spell. People suck.

Finally, i end with some good news…the professor teaching my class at Mcgill told me should would get me enrolled despite the course’s full status if i show up for the first class. this is awesome. one less night course and a course in my field. awesome. i am going to drop prof. chalk’s history of genocide pre 1920 most likely. it is supposed to be a very interesting course, but it is offered at night on Wednesdays and has little to do with what i want to do.

Once tomorrow’s final is over, the plan is to study for the GREs very seriously, work on the Void website (who cares if they don’t like it…last time i checked i was the only one with the access codes and i paid for the fucking hosting and it’s my position, if i want to get something out of my investment i will!) and try and finish ulysses before school starts. apartment hunting will begin September 10th. one day i will let my parents in on the news, but i can put off the fight as much as they put off their promises…i am vindictive because i am female. LOL. nothing like a sweeping generalization there, but whatever.

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